Regular At-Home Tests: The Responsible Thing

I saw a tweet yesterday morning that was a combination of scary and eye-opening. I knew that you could have covid and not know it, but I don’t think I had fully internalized this fact. You could have it, not yet know it, and pass it along to your friends. With the Omicron variant even more virulent than the previous ones, that started feeling a bit more frightening to self, friends, and family.

Christine and I have a large number of events this Christmas season. Fortunately, they’re all with friends who practice health safety — no wacky anti-vax extended family or whatever. But still, some are in public-ish places: a couple of bars/restaurants, a private room in a karaoke joint (where you have to go through the public room to order drinks), the bus rides to get there, and so on.

This tweet helped me realize that I could bump up my level of responsibility a couple of notches. That I can help normalize taking tests before events. This is something that I’ve decided to start doing, and that I’d like to encourage you to do the same.

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