One Second Every Day, 2020

For the past year-plus, I’ve been using the One Second Every Day iOS app to create a video collage of each month. I leave Live Photos enabled, so each second is not just a still image, but could be a quick snippet of candid video. Christine and I have already established a pattern of taking a selfie at 8:22pm each night, which is a convenient backstop if nothing else happens that day. I try not to fall back to the 8:22 photo if I can. If I’m working on a project or out in the world photographing interesting or odd things, I’ll try to capture those in the collage. But this past year, with pandemic-induced isolation, the majority of the photos after March are our 8:22 selfies.

I mostly made this for myself, but feel free to watch — whether it’s the whole thing, the first 10 seconds, or randomly skipping around.

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